Sno Cone FAQ's


Q:What is the difference between Sno Cone ice and Shave ice?
A: Sno Cone is crushed ice and very course. Shave ice is a finer ice- more like snow. Sno Cones usually sell in the $1-$2 range, where you can get a premium price for Shave ice in the $3-$4 range.

Q: What type of ice should be used?
-Any cubed ice (usually sold in bags - ex. Ice Machines). As long as it fits in the hopper of the machine will shave it.
-The state of the ice should be a little "wet" and not right out of the freezer. Let the ice sit and sweat a little before you use it. Using a "wet" ice makes a finer ice, extends the life of the blades, and will allow the syrup to stick better.

Q: How long will the blades last?
A: The sharpness of the blades will last up to around 10,000 lbs of ice.

Q: Can the blades be sharpened?
A: Yes, the blades can be sharpened, and we also sell replacement blades for all the machines.

Q: What are the most popular flavors?
A: Holder Concession offers a wide range of flavors and colors, but the most popular are Cherry (red) and Blueberry (blue)

Q: How many lbs of ice can you do in an hour?
A: As much as you can put in the machine in an hour... If you can physically put 400-500 lbs of ice in the machine in an hour it will shave it.

Q: How do you get the syrup to stick to the ice?
A: The more sugar content the syrup has the better it will stick to the ice, and by using "wet" ice.

Q: How much ice do I need to make 1 Sno Cone?
A: It takes about 1lb of ice to make 2 Sno Cones, so it will take about 1/2lb of ice to make 1 Sno Cone.

Q: What Sno Cone machine is best for rentals and why?
-Model# 1888 is the best machine for rentals. The 1888 is made from tough, durable plastic, has rounded corners, a carrying handle, and plexi-glass doors. The 1888 was designed to take and absorb the wear and tear from rentals. Another machine to consider is model# 1890 (Polar Pete). The polar bear is very appealing to children and is made from the same plastic as the 1888.

Q: How many Sno Cones can you get from 1 gallon of RTU syrup?
- Assuming you are using a 1oz pump, and there is no waste, or syrup left in the jug you should be able to get 128 Sno Cones from 1 gallon of RTU syrup.
- If you are using Sno Cone concentrates you will be able to make 1,024 Sno Cones.

Q: How long will the syrup last after it has been opened?
A: If the syrup is in the original jug and capped- it will last about 30-45 days at room temp- when mixed with sugar.

Q: How much ice is in a average size Shaver Ice?
A: 3/4 of a pound!

Q: Is there a difference in the syrup for Sno Cones & Shave ice?
A: No!

Q: How much syrup per Sno Cone or Shave ice?
A: Usually 1 oz for Sno Cones and 2 oz for Shave ice. Some operators will double the syrup.

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