Cotton Candy


Pre-Packaged Cotton Candy


Cotton Candy Tubs

Pre-Packaged Cotton Candy Made-to-Order
Variety of colors and flavors
No order too big or small
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Cotton Candy Sugar

  Flossugar - Ready To Use                   Flossine  
  Flosssugar Flossugar  

Call for pricing- Carton
Call for pricing-Case (6 cartons)

Call for pricing-Carton
Call for pricing-Case (12 Cartons)


Cotton Candy Bags,

Ties, & Cones

  Stadium Cotton Candy Bags-Plain 10 1/4" x 16" Printed Cotton Candy Bag  12"x 18"  
  Plain Bag Printed Bag  

100pk- Call for pricing
1000 case-Call for pricing

100pk- Call for pricing
1000 case- Call for pricing

  Plain Cotton Candy Bag 12"x 18" Twist Ties  
Plain Bag Red Twist Tie

100 pack-Call for pricing
1000pk-Call for pricing

2000-Call for pricing




Cotton Candy Cones
  Cotton Candy Cones 100 Count- Call for pricing
1,000 Case Call for pricing
4,000 Case Call for pricing