Facts about Hot Dog Machines

How long does it take to cook hot dogs on a roller grill?
It really depends on the make up of the hot dog some cook faster than others but as a general rule it will take about 20 minutes from a refrigerated state.

How long does it take ti cook hot dogs in a steamer?
With the steamer completely full of hot dogs it will take about an hour to fully warm them unless you pre heat the steamer then it will be about 45 minutes.

What different types of products can you put on the roller grill?
If it's straight and round then it will work.

Can you put frozen hot dogs on a roller grill or steamer?
Yes, but it will take much longer to cook and for this reason it is not recommended.

How do you clean a roller grill?
It is recommended to use a non starch scouring pad when still slightly warm with mild soap and water, this is good for both stainless and non stick rollers

Which type of machine is best?
All work very well, a steamer can heat many at one time but a roller gives a nice presentation.

What is the cost to make a hot dog?
Depends on the quality of the hot dog that you use, but on average the dog, bun, and condiment, is about $.35

Are the bun cabinets humidified?
No they are not. You can put a bowl of water in the corner to allow the water to evaporate and keep the buns moist.

Do you rent Hot Dog machines?
Yes! We are your one stop shop for Hot Dog machine rentals in Chattanooga!