Frequently Asked Questions for Small Cotton Candy Machines


Q: Is the Double Bubble included with the machine? What is it's purpose?
A: Not Included. Keeps the product contained and external elements out (wind, hands, ect).

Q: What is the proper way to shut down the machine?
A: Always shut the HEAT SWITCH off FIRST! Keep the motor on for 30-40 seconds before turning it off. By spinning, the air is actually cooling down the heat element.

Q: Why would I need a cart?
A: Provides the proper operating height (approx. 20" from the ground) for machine/pan. Provides storage for supply items, Allows for mobility, and increases marketing appeal.

Q: How many servings per hour will my machine produce?
A: Depends on the actual machine/serving size, but expect 120 servings per hour on the low end and 240 servings per hour on the high end from any of our small cotton candy machines.

Q: How many servings of cotton candy are in a carton/case of flossugar?
A: Approx. 50 in a carton / 300 in a case.

Q: Why is my cotton candy flying all over the place?
A: The Leather Floaters are not positioned properly. As the operator, using your right hand grab and twist the floater so the leading edge is pointing downward (head spins counter-clockwise). Rotate the head and repeat the procedure with the other floater. The twisting action is like "starting your car".

Q: What is the function of the Whirl Grip Stabilizer?
A: Provides an attachment point for the flossugar. Also allows for space between the product/pan to allow air circulation.

Q: How long will my cotton candy last if packed in a polybag?
A: Depends on the heat/ humidity level. If indoor, in an air-conditioned environment, expect 2-3 days in a poly bag with a twist tie. If packaged in cello bag or plastic tub with the proper seal, expect up to 6 months shelf life!

Q:What is the proper way to clean the head of a cotton candy machine?
A: Remove all excess flossugar by using it up or gently dumping it out. Next, turn on the motor and heat. Turn heat to maximum level and "burn off" residue. Once the unit cools, gently wipe off the floss head and cabinet area with a damp washcloth.

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