Popcorn FAQ's

Q: What are the differences in kettle sizes?
A: Gold Medal popcorn machines are available in sizes ranging from 40z up to 60oz. Each machine has a rating called 1oz. servings/hour. This will tell you the maximum amount of popcorn each popper will produce in one hour.

4oz Popcorn Machines- Small Volume
4oz. Gold Metal popcorn poppers will produce 90 ounces of popcorn per hour. They are ideal for homes, break rooms, recreation rooms & game rooms.

6oz & 8oz Popcorn Machines -Medium Volume
The 6oz and 8oz Gold Medal poppers will produce about 120 ounces of popcorn per hour. They are ideal for clubs, video stores, large break rooms, restaurants, small bars, country clubs, churches, and waiting rooms.

12oz Popcorn Machines
The 12oz Gold Medal popcorn poppers will produce about 210 ounces of popcorn per hour. They are ideal for schools, home theaters, concession stands, bars & snack bars.

16oz Popcorn Machines
The 16 oz Gold Medal popcorn poppers will produce 240oz of popcorn per hour. They are ideal for theaters, convention centers, parks, malls, sports complexes, stadiums, and arenas.

Q: Do you offer replacement parts for popcorn machines?
A: Yes!

Q: Do you repair popcorn machines?
A: Yes! We do.

Q: My popcorn machine is very dirty, can you clean it for me?
A: Yes, we offer a popcorn machine cleaning service.

Q: How do I clean my popcorn machine?
1. Each time you finish a series of popping, wipe the outside of the kettle with a soft cloth to remove any oil drippings on the outside of the kettle.
2. After you finish popping for the day, allow kettle to cool until it is not too hot to handle, but still warm.
3. Unplug kettle and remove it from the machine.
4. With a cloth, wipe out the inside of the kettle, kettle lid, crossbar, outside and underneath of the kettle. DO NOT place the kettle in water. This will cause damage to the electrical components and will void your warranty.
5. Cleaning the cabinet of your machine is easy. Take a clean cloth and wipe excess grease from the glass. Wipe the outside of the machine also.

NOTE: Never use a glass or plastic cleaner that contains ammonia. It will crack the plastic on the machine.

Light and warmer switch – Turns on the heat light.
Kettle motor switch – Turns on the motor which drives kettle agitator shaft.
Kettle heat switch – Turns on the kettle heat element